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non possono farmi questo dio

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E ora piangi mentre guardi foto dove ridi.


L’avevo scritto per me, tenuto nelle note, per sollevarmi, così, ogni tanto.
L’ho riletto, ho deciso di leggerlo ad alta voce.

si, ok, fa abbastanza schifo, ma mi piacciono gli esperimenti.



Ed ecco che messaggi mi ritrovo.

Ed ecco i messaggi che non mi ritroveró mai.

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"Senti delle voci?"
(Digli di no)
“No, dottore”

how my anxiety works: a primer

friend:hey do you wanna go do something really awesome and fun tonight? it's a mind-blowing once in a lifetime experience that features a band you really love and cool people you should meet and things that would really improve your social life
me:yeah i can't wait i'll see you there
*five minutes after sending the text*
my anxiety:hey are you sure you wanna do that because you won't know anyone there except for the friend that invited you and you'll have to follow them around all night and they'll think you're lame and you'll have to be either drunk or high to not be a mess the whole time and everyone will judge you
me:i really wanna go tho
my anxiety:and how are you gonna get there because you'll have to travel on public transportation and walk late at night and there will be people out there who will hurt you and take advantage of you and they'll find you so long as you're there tonight
me:but i've been in bed all day, i want to leave and go somewhere because staying here is making me feel worse
my anxiety:well there's a reason you're in bed and the reason is that no one likes you or wants to hang out with you or see you and you're never going to be successful and you'll probably just die in this bed
me:i think if i left i might feel better but now i don't know
my anxiety:the only thing is that you look super awful and your acne is really bad so why go out where people can see you plus you can't trust people and someone will probably do something awful to you if you're outside
me:i guess i shouldn't go
my anxiety:you don't really deserve to be happy anyway

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Ovunque tu sia, io so mandare a fanculo fin lì.

Lisa Kleypas, Il diavolo ha gli occhi azzurri. (via no-one-tells-me-who-i-love)

Non credevo più all’anima gemella o all’amore a prima vista.
Ma stavo cominciando a credere che, anche se molto raramente, può capitare nella vita la fortuna di incontrare la persona giusta.
Non perché sia perfetta, ma perché la combinazione dei difetti di entrambi è tale da permettere a due esseri separati di fondersi insieme.
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